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Firstly thankyou to all our members who have supported us over the last 3 months during this tough time period. With the recent announcements being made today we are now able to able to open the gym up for personal training and group classes from 1/6/2020 from lunchtime however the gym will need to be professionally cleaned, sterilised and to be checked off by the government before this is able to happen so we have pushed the gym reopening to the 3/6/2020 from 5am onwards. At this stage we are allowed 20 people inside the gym including trainers. We are planning on setting up a separate personal training area outside the front of the gym which does not count towards the 20 members allowed in the gym. So at this stage each class will be able to accommodate 19 members plus the trainer taking the class. With this being enforced very strictly we require all members to not enter the gym until the trainer taking the class collects the group as a whole from outside the gym in a designated waiting area. Upon completing the class members must be vacate promptly so we are able to start the next class on time. In order to try and accommodate as many members as possible during this time period all classes will be 45 minutes in duration which allows us to have 9 classes per day and fit in 171 members into the gym each day. I have posted an updated timetable for the next 6 weeks below.

We have also closed all ezi-debit payment accounts as of the 31/5/2020 as we are implementing a new pricing structure and terms and conditions moving forward. For any member who joins between the time period 1/6/2020 until the 12/7/2020 can choose to lock in one of the following options for the life of their membership:

1) Group Class Membership: $40 per week.

*This allows the member to access one group class per day during the next stage of restrictions and then once restrictions are lifted unlimited group classes plus personal use of the gym moving forward.

2) Personal training membership: $15 per week

*This allows the member to access their personal training sessions with their trainer and to also complete their own sessions in the personal training area.

3) University High school students: $20 per week

*This allows the member to access one group class per day during the next stage of restrictions and then once restrictions are lifted unlimited group classes plus personal use of the gym moving forward.

From the 12/7/2020 onwards our memberships will go up in price for those who have not joined by this date.

We are also implementing a 2 holds policy per member per year. Which means that a member can place their membership on hold twice per year for a minimum of 2 weeks each time. We are also keeping our no cancellation or joining fee policies.

Blake has a recent email list from everyone who has downloaded the app which he will send through a copy of the latest direct debit form through to on the 31/5/2020. If members can select their membership option and email back through to Blake before starting their first group class or personal training sessions at the gym. Direct debit is also the only way the gym is able to take payments moving forward as we are predicting to grow to close to 450 total members by the years end which makes cash and bank transfers not possible.

If anybody requires any additional information please contact: Blake (0431340389), Matthew (040821799), Tim (0409315826). Additionally if anybody had not downloaded the app and would like a membership form sent to them contact Blakemcclennan@hotmail.com. Thankyou for all your support during this time.

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