Don't take our word for it, our members will tell you that the Studio 99 experience can change lives. 


"Studio 99 of by far the best value for the quality and variety of classes offered. Also the staff and environment really break down barriers to exercise that a lot of other gyms have."

Mary - 22

"Originally I joined because it was close to my house, now I stay because of the community. I've never been to a gym that actually made me feel excited to exercise."

Gil -35

"The classes are really great and I find the trainers are much more skilled, knowledgeable and are engaging individually in class sessions compared to other gyms I’ve been to."

David - 38


Why did I join the challenge?

I joined the 10wk challenge alongside three of my friends to improve my discipline with training and to improve my overall fitness and strength 

Who would I recommend the challenge to?

I would recommend everyone to join one of studio 99’s challenges and make yourself accountable for your own body.  As someone who has been maintaining a steady strength and fitness for a couple of years, it is very rewarding to see improvements in these areas.

What makes 99 different?

Before studio 99, I would struggle to get myself to the gym. I did not see any physical or aesthetic results and would only maintain my strength and fitness.   

 I believe what makes studio 99 different is the sense of community and support you receive as one of their members. The trainers are always checking in and after a big week at work it is always amazing to be able to have a laugh with friends and smash-out a good hard workout. Studio 99 is also very social and it’s great to participate in special events with everyone from the gym. 

Bec - 24