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There's a bigger picture when it comes to health and wellness in the workplace.

We currently conduct numerous corporate wellness programs at the gym and are currently working with Hutchinson builders, EY, Tompkins, Perpetuate Recruitment, Aruga as well as numerous other companies to educate their employees on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle as well as conduct training sessions in the gym.

We are able to cater to either large or small groups ranging from 5-30 participants depending on the size of your company. The majority of the group sessions we run for corporate groups are 45 minutes and we set a fee of $200 per session which covers up to 30 participants. The sessions can include any form of preferred training “weight training, core work, boxing, Pilates, cardio sessions” or we can mix them all together depending on your preference.

We can also offer workshops for your employees on the topics of:

  • Managing mental health in the workplace

  • Behaviour Change For Healthy Habits

  • Self Compassion and Performance

  • Back and neck pain prevention in the office

Workshops are delivered by our exercise physiologist and are $315/hr


Our facility has on site carparks, showers and toilets if your company was looking to train either before or after work we can cater around your requirements. We are open 5 days a week from 5am-7pm and are able to fit your group in any time or day. We have 5 different personal trainers on site who all specialise in different areas of fitness with at least 5 years industry experience each this allows us to pick the right trainer depending on your training requirements. We also offer companies the option to train at their workspace and one of our trainers can transport equipment to their worksite and conduct the session there.


Our  6 Week Corporate Challenges are an affordable and effective way to improve productivity, engagement and well-being among your organisations. 

Cost: $200/wk

- Fitness and health risk assessment
- 6 week nutrition guide
- Weekly private group training session
- Weekly special challenge events (usually based on sports like touch football or basketball)
- End of challenge celebration event

- Half price membership for all of your staff for the duration of the challenge

NEXT START DATE: 13th August 2022 (registrations close on the 10th)

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