Co-Owner, Director & Master Trainer

Passionate about health, physical challenge, mentoring and teaching, Matt strives to foster an inclusive community for people from all walks of life and any fitness levels.

With 14 years in the industry, Matt has experience training people with a wide variety of goals. Whether you are looking to stay healthy for your family, improve performance, or just looking for a diverse fitness routine, Matt believes your health is your greatest wealth and will ensure you achieve what you need.

Co-Owner, Director & Master Trainer

Blake brings a great passion and drive to everything he does. Honed from years of playing competitive sport and 12 years as a personal trainer, he believes in pushing his clients to realise their capabilities.


As Co-Owner and Director of Studio 99, he aims to create an environment where high performance meets community values. Blake has always loved pushing himself in training and competition and is motivated to inspire others to do the same with physical challenges at Studio 99.

Co-Owner & Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Tim has been in the industry since 2009 with experience across a broad range of clients. He believes that every person regardless of their background has the right to pursue good health. His mission is to teach you the knowledge and skills you need in order to maintain your health for the rest of your life.


Outside of the gym, Tim works in local medical centres to help people with chronic disease, injury and disabilities as well as in corporate health teaching organisations how to prioritise health and productivity.

When applied appropriately, lifestyle changes should be easy and leave you with a smile on your face. 

Trainer, CrossFit & Kettlebell Coach 

Sam is our most experienced trainer with over 15years in the industry. His experience spans across weightlifting, bodybuilding, Olympic Lifting and specific sports conditioning. Sam is all about inspiring positivity and community to help his clients reach their personal fitness goals.


The greatest reward Sam receives from personal training is being a part of a positive support network, aiding his clients during their health and fitness journeys.

Over the years Sam has developed a method of GPP (General Physical Preparedness) by training with Sam this is what you shall achieve and then nothing in life that is physical should catch you by surprise.


Lachlan, a personal trainer and volunteer firefighter has played AFL for the past 18 years with Western Magpies AFC and was previously a hotel manager before deciding to combine his passion for sport and working with people as a personal trainer. As an AFL player, captaining the Western Magpies for five years was a definite highlight.

As a personal trainer, Lachlan is motivated by his clients and their desire and interest to learn more about achieving a healthy body and lifestyle. Lachlan has seen one client in particular blossom from a shy, older woman into a regular gym-goer with confidence.

Exercise Scientist & Sports Nutritionist

Jacob is originally a Darwin local and is passionate about mentoring, teaching, and enhancing physical and athletic performance. Jacob is well versed in the sporting arena, having previously played AFL, swimming, and cricket competitively.

During his youth he was chronically plagued with injury, receiving several misdiagnoses and poor injury management. This inspired him to harness expertise in strength and conditioning coaching, where he specialises in aiding clients to work through sporting injuries, helping them to achieve the impossible.

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Chris grew up in Texas QLD and throughout his youth represented his district in numerous sports including swimming, cricket, athletics, and football.   Whilst undertaking study of Exercise Science at the University of Queensland, Chris spent a season with the Brisbane Broncos to develop his strength and conditioning skills. He has also spent time with Cricket Australia and many other sporting clubs prior to becoming a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Brisbane Grammar School. He has been at BGS since 2017 and has assisted every sporting program that the school offers throughout this time.

Chris's programs are based on fundamental strength and conditioning principles that are proven to get results. His passion for broader community health and fitness brought him to Studio 99 in 2019. Since then, with his scientific approach but a kind and compassionate manner, he has helped his clients achieve amazing results.

Trainer & Yoga Teacher in training

Carmin comes all the way from Cairns and brings with her a wealth of experience. She’s an avid Crossfitter but is also going through her yoga teacher training as she wants to help people reach true health by incorporating both mind and body practices into their day.

She loves to work with people who are keen to progress, learn and grow and will show you the way through a strong foundation of technique and fitness fundamentals. She is proud of her ability to work with people of all ages and ability, believing that health and fitness should be an opportunity for everyone.

Trainer & Massage Therapist

Originally from Melbourne, Darcy encourages clients to begin the week with a Monday workout to boost motivation for a positive and active mindset. Darcy is also a massage therapist, integrating these skills into his personal training for when clients experience injuries.

One of his remarkable achievements was working intensively with a client, who went from weighing 140kg to 80kg within a year. The biggest reward was helping his client get his life back by improving his diet, health, and fitness, personal and professional life.


Liam has over 10years of experience as a personal trainer conducting all types of training including boot camps, sports conditioning, family fitness, and individual coaching. He has a passion for all things active but has a special love for cricket.

Liam’s clients rave about his caring nature and attention to detail. He ensures his clients receive the programming that suits their lifestyle and their goals. Liam is full of energy and constantly seeking to improve himself and his skill as a trainer so that every single client is getting the best service he can provide.


Born and raised in South Africa, AJ spent his highschool years playing competitive rugby and cricket for his school and state. As well as loving sports, AJ has a passion for helping people transform their lifestyle whilst educating and keeping the sessions motivating and enjoyable.

AJ brings his hand on knowledge from his background in competitive sport, physical training, and dedication to his role at studio 99 to motivate and assist his clients to reach their fitness goals.

Trainer, Boxing & Muay Thai Coach

Neha has over a decade’s worth of experience in combat sports. She was a sponsored athlete at the prestigious Tiger Muay Thai gym in Phuket, Thailand for three years. Having lived and fought all over the world she has now made Brisbane her home, where she continues to train and compete at a professional level.

As a fighter, she realized the need for having strength advantages over her opponents which

sparked her interest and education in the sport of powerlifting. In 2016, she went on to become a national medalist in the Australian GPC Nationals. Neha is passionate about helping others realize their true strength potential. Athletes spend their time learning how to get the most impact out of a particular movement and Neha applies this theory in the way she coaches people in their health and fitness goals.

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