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why choose group classes

Group classes strengthen you

Group classes provide you with social support

Group classes help you work out every part of your body

Metabolic Conditioning

Metabolic Training or Metcon is the perfect blend of skill, strength and stamina. Using elements of Olympic lifting, gymnastics and metabolic stress principles your coach will guide you through a challenging but fun experience.

Each class is split into two components: a 20-minute strength or technique block which focuses on maximal lifts or learning a new skill followed by a 30-minute high intensity workout of varied metabolic and functional training such as rowing, jumps, bodyweight or gymnastic movements.


Performance Lifting

This class is a classic resistance training method. It’s scalable for beginners and advanced gym goers with each exercise done to the level of the individual. Each session is made up of different ranges of exercises, rep ranges, rest periods, tempo and sets where the aim of the class is to teach participants a safe and effective ways to lift weight which translates to large improvements in both strength, body composition and preventing injury in your day to day life.


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an efficient way of increasing your cardio fitness without the monotony of a treadmill. Participants use a variety of movements to create periods of high heart rate effort. These are separated by rest periods to allow relative recovery. The aim of a HIIT class is to work hard for a short amount of time.



Pilates is based on the principles of strength, flexibility, breathing and control. In each class you will move mindfully to explore the range of motion of your body under different loads and tension. Pilates can be a low impact introduction to exercise for beginners or an excellent supplement to optimise other training.

Mums & Bubs

Our Mums & Bubs group classes are a highlight of the week.

While bub is supervised safely (or sometimes included in the workout), our mums are taken through a series of movements and exercises designed to achieve specific benefits.

  1. Reduce pain and stiffness 

  2. Increase strength in functional movement

  3. Improve body confidence, and resilience

  4. Be social!


Over 55s

The demographic of our population who are the least active are those over 65 years of age. They are also the group who have the most to benefit from just a slight increase in activity levels. Our classes for over 55s are a fun environment with an emphasis on capacity building. Each participant is individually screened by our exercise physiologist and given a personalised program to follow. Membership for these classes is just $35/week.


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