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personalised training to fit your goals

Starting your health and fitness journey is not always easy. This is why our trainers want to guide and support you in your progress.

how personal training can benefit you

How you start

At Studio99 we offer a free introductory PT session, so you can determine which trainer suits you and your goals best. Your first session will look like this:

  • Meet and Greet at the gym

  • Individual Capacity Assessment

  • Goal Setting discussion

  • First workout session

  • Development of a personalised training plan together with your trainer

How you continue

You've found your trainer and like our gym. Now what? We want to accompany you as much as we can, so your personal training sessions will look like this:

  • One-on-one sessions with your coach

  • Custom Nutritional Plan

  • Weekly progress check-ins

  • 24/7 support from your trainer 

How you progress

With the consistency and accountability of your personal training, you'll see changes in your overall fitness soon. As you progress, your training will be accompanied by:

  • Assessments and amendments to your plan

  • Workouts focused on certain exercises to help you progress

  • Goals reviews and amendments

What our personal training clients say

" Since finishing my professional football career 5 yrs ago I still wanted to continue to train to an elite level and I have found Blake (my trainer) and Studio 99 awesome. He pushes me just as hard now as back when I was playing and the soreness will be worth it. Highly recommend this place."
- Brent

Ready for the next step?

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