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Established 12 years ago in Brisbane’s vibrant and diverse West End community, Studio 99 was aiming at becoming Brisbane's number one community gym. The owners and founders, Blake McClennan and Matthew Tranter, met through their common interests (footy) and saw an opportunity to combine their skills and fitness knowledge to create something big.

where we are now

Studio99 has outgrown its space three times. From a personal training gym with three trainers to its current premises – a 1,000sqm dedicated fitness centre with 14 specialised trainers and more than 400 clients. After bringing on board another health expert as part of the founding team, Timothy Douge, Studio99 has carried on thriving and building stronger, healthier communities. We have diversified our offerings to bring fitness to our community at all ages and our trainers are dedicated to help Brisbane get fitter every day.


Our Core values

Above all else, Studio99 and our team want to be a place that puts a smile on your face. And that is not all.


Our trainers, timetable and our environment are chosen with the view that we want to accommodate any person who comes through our doors. 


We know our members by name, we know your struggles and your strengths. Better understanding leads to a better chance of change.


Training in general can be easy. Training well and with purpose can be hard. We make sure all of our services are evidence based, our trainers are experienced and we are all committed to growth and improvement.

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