Need an extra push or dedicated support from a trainer? Studio 99 offers a range of training options for Personal Training, Corporate Group Training sessions, and Sports-Specific Performance Training for individual athletes or teams.


Training sessions are personalised to your goals and the results you want with an initial assessment, custom programs for different fitness levels, tailored nutritional plans, and 24/7 support from your trainer.


Personal Training for individuals or small groups is ideal for those who want to level up their fitness and challenge themselves and their capabilities.


Like the Group Fitness Classes, Personal Training sessions are pre-planned with expert trainers who specialise in the smart goals and results you want to achieve.


Individual programs are tailored for beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness levels, including a full assessment, nutritional plan, and 24/7 support from your coach.


Help your employees achieve work-life balance with a corporate wellness program that combines the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with dedicated training sessions with a specialised trainer.


Our Corporate Group Training options can accommodate small or large groups, ranging from five to 30 people depending on the size of your company or business.


Sessions can include any form of training (weights, core work, boxing, Pilates, or cardio), or we can customise a mix of training techniques for your team.


Take your individual or team’s performance to the next level with sports-specific training.


Studio 99 performance coaches, who are ex-professional athletes themselves, have devised focused sport-training systems that have benefited many disciplines such as AFL, cycling, swimming, weightlifting, gymnastics and athletics, including teams and professional sportspeople at a national and international Commonwealth and Olympic level.


Professional athletes and teams can hire the entire facilities or tap into the know-how of our performance coaches.


Studio 99 is one gym that’s not off-limits to children! We offer a special SAMs (Strong Athletic Movements) for Kids session every Friday at 4pm during school terms.


Available for children aged six to 12 years and run by personal trainer Sam Barker, the hour-long session consists of fun activities that include skill development exercises.


The Kids Training sessions allow children to develop essential interpersonal skills such as teamwork and leadership while meeting new people and enjoying themselves.


Investing in the sports stars of tomorrow, Studio 99 Academy offers student-athletes aged 15 to 20 years access to a sports performance program that enables them to level up their training, enhance their sporting abilities and reach their goals.


Available by application, the free Studio Academy Program includes:

  • Weekly Personal Training sessions with a qualified strength and conditioning coach

  • Access to all Group Fitness Classes and personal use of the gym

  • Access to a dietician and nutrition plan

  • A tailored exercise program for personal sessions

  • Remedial massage sessions.


To apply for the Studio 99 Academy, send your name, contact details, sporting history, and future aspirations to


WEST END: 387 Montague Road, West End

MILTON: 339 Coronation Drive, Milton

0431 340 389

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